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At this point in the summer we can look at things like "oh my gosh there are ONLY four weeks left until Labour Day OR we can say "HEY, there's STILL four weeks left!" Either way, there is still time to take a road trip to beautiful Elora, ON to enjoy and experience all that the Elora Rapids has to offer. Which experience best suits you? You decide.

Our Elora Gorge Tubing provides a bit more "adventure" within the amazing Grand River Conservation Area, just a minute down the road from our location. Guaranteed to create memories to last a long time. Enjoy challenging yourself through the rapids and then enjoy the quiet parts of the river as you take in the simple beauty of the scenery surrounding you.

Our Grand River Valley tubing experience provides a "lazy river/float" experience to allow for chatting, lots of time to check out the wildlife around the river and a great way to sit back and let your stress float away. This experience is great for a group of friends or families with younger children who can't quite do the larger experience yet. Check out to reservce a spot today. Four weeks left, let us help you create some more summer memories!

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