We provide the equipment and the knowledge and you enjoy the journey. There is perhaps no better way to experience the beauty of the Elora Gorge than by floating down it on a river tube. From being swept away by the numerous rapids to lazily peering up at the towering cliffs this is a journey not to be missed. You'll feel as though you've been transported to another world far from the fields of Southern Ontario's farm country. When you've finished your float you can walk back to the start again and again.


  1. READ safety and requirements below and refund policy page.

  2. BOOK ONLINE. All reservations must be made in advance.

  3. ARRIVE on time at the Grand River Raceway for your rental.

  4. SIGN WAIVER. Everyone must sign the waiver upon arrival.

  5. SECURITY DEPOSIT. A picture will be taken of 1 drivers license.

  6. DEFLATE tube and test rental pump before departing.

  7. DRIVE 1 minute to the Elora Gorge Park.

  8. FEES & WAIVER. Pay park fees, get wristband, sign park waiver.

  9. PUMP up tubes with provided pump (plugs into your car outlet).

  10. FLOAT. Enjoy the river all day.

  11. NO SHUTTLE is available in the park. Everyone must walk.

  12. RETURN rental equipment by 6pm.

See FAQ #1 For A More Detailed Description Of A Typical Day.

See FAQ #3 For The Big Rapids VS The Little Rapids.

RENTAL PRICES (taxes included)

$35 / Person

(Includes Tube, Personal Flotation Device, Helmet & Pump)

Additional Elora Gorge Park Fees Paid At Park Upon Arrival Regardless Of Where You Rented Your Equipment

Admission Fee - $7.50 / Adult, $3 / Child

Tubing Registration Wristband Fee - $20 / Person

Adult Total Rental + Park Fees = $62.50

Child Total Rental + Park Fees = $58

All Elora Rapids customers are guaranteed the ability to purchase park admissions and tubing registrations.

Tubers are NOT ALLOWED on the river without first getting their $20 tubing registration wristbands at the tubing pavilion.


All participants need to be over 50 pounds, over 48 inches tall, competent swimmers, and must sign a waiver. There is no age limit. Participants must also be comfortable in turbulent waters as it is possible to get ejected from your tube. Wearing secure close toed footwear is highly recommended. Do not bring valuables on the river. This journey is not for those looking for a lazy float!


  • All participants must sign a waiver upon arrival to rent equipment.

  • River tubing takes place in a natural river. Extreme conditions are possible which are beyond our control. Some sections of the river are fast-flowing. Your safety is in your own hands.

  • The safest position to ride down the river is to sit on your bottom, feet first. Be vigilant at all times by constantly looking downstream for obstacles to avoid - rocks, trees and other river debris.

  • Personal flotation devices and helmets must be worn at all times. A properly fitted PFD and helmet is "comfortably snug." Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • If you capsize do not panic. Do not attempt to stand up while in a rapid. Situate yourself on your back with your feet downstream allowing your PFD to keep you afloat. As you float out of the rapid, your head, knees, and toes will be above the water until you reach safety.

  • Only one rider on each tube. Don't tie tubes together while going through any rapids.​

  • Be prepared to get wet. Sunscreen, closed toed footwear, a swimsuit, and a head strap for eyeglasses is recommended.

  • Water quality is not tested and Elora Rapids is not responsible for water quality related hazards.

  • Park staff are no longer holding car keys for participants. Find a way to hide your keys on your vehicle or safely clip them to yourself while on the water.

  • If participants need help while on the river, seek assistance from other river tubers or those living and recreating along the river and/or call 911 if possible. The best way to avoid troubling circumstances is to read and abide by the safety guidelines on the waiver and website and ask Elora Rapids staff before beginning your adventure.